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Important Messages
The Casey Memorial Library Online Summer Reading Program will run from
June 10 - August 12, 2015.

Read 180 minutes or 10 books to earn a prize. Log your reading online.

It is recommended that younger children log their reading by books and older children, teens, and adults log their reading by minutes.

Pick up your prizes at the Administration Office at the back of the library.

Children, teens, and adults are encouraged to join today!
A Special Day for Mommy
Dan Andreasen
Little girl wants to surprise her mom and she makes breakfast, a card, picks daffodils and put them in a vase with a toilet paper bow, then made jelly sandwiches. She got sticky and mom gives her a bath and after tells her mom close your eyes, and says Surprise!!!!
A Big Hug for Little cub
Lori Ann Grover
A little cub that tells how he spends his days and nights. A sweet book.
The Porcelain Cat
Good Pictures.