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Important Messages
The Casey Memorial Library Online Summer Reading Program will run from June 11, 2014 - August 13, 2014.

Read 180 minutes or 10 books to earn a prize. Earn up to 9 prizes total. Log your reading online.

It is recommended that younger children log their reading by books and older children, teens, and adults log their reading by minutes.

Pick up your prizes at the Administration Office at the back of the library.

Children, teens, and adults are encouraged to join today!
The Never Girls: the Space Between
Kiki Thorpe
My favorite part of the book was when the girls finds the loose board that goes into Neverland.
I'm So Grumpy!
Hans Wilhelm
Cute book for when your little one is grumpy!
The Snow Child
Freya Littledale
This is the story about a man and a woman who are getting older and they have never had children, even though they wanted one. They make a child out of snow one day and she comes to life. She lives with the man and woman all winter and they are the happiest they have ever been. She goes away when spring comes and they are devestated but she comes back in the winter again. When she leaves for the second time they aren't so sad because they know that their little girl will come back to them every winter.