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Important Messages
The Casey Memorial Library Online Summer Reading Program will run from June 11, 2014 - August 13, 2014.

Read 180 minutes or 10 books to earn a prize. Earn up to 9 prizes total. Log your reading online.

It is recommended that younger children log their reading by books and older children, teens, and adults log their reading by minutes.

Pick up your prizes at the Administration Office at the back of the library.

Children, teens, and adults are encouraged to join today!
The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp
Kathi Appelt
very cute so far, a story about raccoons that live in a swamp
the lightning thief
Rick Riordan
this book is about this kid named Percy Jackson goes to a troubled school for kids who have problems like ADHD and other problems so Percy Jacksons problem is that he has imaginations and thinks that their really happening so this other girl likes to on Jackson to get him into trouble so she screamed that Jackson pushed her when he really didn't so he really got in troubled and he hade a imagination about his algebra teacher which really never existed and after he was done with his imagination he asked every body about this teacher and they said they had no clue what he was talking so he thought that they where trying to fool him but he found out that his best friend Grover was taking about him behind his back and when Jackson admitted that he was eavesdropping on them his friend Grover lied to him he was very mad.
Where's my Mom?
Julia Donaldson
This book was really good. My son had me read it 4 times.